A better website for your Secondary School’s Careers Department.

Spend less time chasing up students and ditch your old cork board. CareerWise is your school’s own personalised careers website, where you can list relevant jobs, news and events for students of all interests and ambitions.


Easy to use

You don’t need to attend a course to use CareerWise. It’s made for teachers, not technicians.

Fully managed

CareerWise is fully hosted and backed up regularly, so you never need to worry about the technical side.


CareerWise is designed to work just as well on phones and tablets as it is on larger screens.

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“Prior to having access to the CBHS Careers Website developed by CareerWise our Careers staff used a variety of mediums to communicate with students. This was very much a hit and miss approach. With the development of the Careers Website and the link to the CBHS Careers Facebook page we are able to get a lot more relevant information in front of both students and parents in a medium that the students like to use.” Visit the Boys’ High CareerWise site.
— Richard Webster, Careers Advisor, Christchurch Boys’ High School
“CareerWise is the perfect tool for a Career Department in a school. I have constantly been amazed at how many students I would not expect to be “onto it” coming in to book a place on a course that has been advertised. This digital platform is certainly in tune with our students today, and CareerWise will customise your site’s design to suit your requirements. They also give great back up service if anything needs to be changed, and weekly reports of activity on the website.” Visit the Middleton CareerWise site.
— Nicole Bailey, Careers Advisor, Middleton Grange School