Become a HUB Contributor

We offer New Zealand institutions and other local information vendors a FREE account in the CareerWise Hub, where they can share relevant careers related events and news to be accessed by the CareerWise careers community and then shared with their students.

The most valuable thing to secondary school career advisors is their time. This process has been established to make sharing information with students much faster and easier, and to ensure that much less is lost amongst the many emails they receive.

Your vendor posts can be shared directly to a school’s own CareerWise website and included in weekly newsletters to their students and parents. Advisors have the option of editing information you provide to make sure it is relevant for their particular school, and all posts are checked by the CareerWise team before being admitted into the Hub.

School career advisors also have the option of sharing their own posts into the hub, encouraging a culture of collaboration and recognising the value in engaging students online.

If you would like to request your FREE CareerWise hub account, fill in the form below and we will be in touch asap.