We base the annual cost on your school roll, and we are very conscious of the limitations of school career department budgets. As a Social Enterprise, we work to keep our costs low. Annual fees start from as little as $500 plus GST per year
Our platform was created for career advisors, not technicians. We know that many don’t feel overly confident with website platforms, so we created this to ensure you can easily manage your own website in the simplest way possible.
Yes – you can use the Hub to find posts and articles that you’d like included on your own website, and you can also share articles here for other advisors to find and use. We believe that this kind of collaboration is key to supporting career departments. 
Your latest posts from your CareerWise website are automatically turned into a newsletter each week – so no need to write one of your own. Most schools upload their senior students to their subscriber lists. 
Yes – they can subscribe on the Home Page of your Careerwise website. Many schools send an email introducing parents to their CareerWise website and suggest they sign up to stay in the loop.
We are always on hand to give you support, and we have an extensive and simple to follow online Knowledge Base to support you with any issues or questions you may have.